Eclipse Paintball Markers

LVR Paintball Marker


Eclipse LVR. The LV Platform Now R Rated!

CSR Paintball Marker


Eclipse CSR. The CS Refined.

Gtek 160R Paintball Marker

Gtek 160R

The Eclipse Gtek 160R Game Over!

Gtek Paintball Marker


The Eclipse Gtek Game On!

CS1 Paintball Marker


The Eclipse CS1. The power of one!

LV1.1 Pro Paintball Marker

LV1.1 Pro

The first and only Lever Valve Marker is back and even better than before.

Etek 5 Paintball Marker

Etek 5

The Eclipse Etek has always stood for reliability, performance and value for money.

Geo 3.5 Paintball Marker

Geo 3.5

The Eclipse Geo combines pro level Spool Valve performance with distinctive looks and outstanding capabilities.

GSL Paintball Marker


GSL. The first fully-fledged limited edition SL Geo.

Ego LV1 Paintball Marker

Ego LV1

For unparalleled Poppet Valve performance, the Eclipse Ego is the last word in advanced tournament bred paintball markers.

Etha Paintball Marker


The Eclipse Etha combines the fundamental features every player should demand to raise their game!