Eclipse Paintball Markers

CS2 Paintball Marker


The ultimate in Eclipse Advanced Paintball Technology.

LV1.5 Paintball Marker


A powerfully adapted and more competitive LV.

CS1.5 Paintball Marker


Tough, light & low. A more direct, aggressive, CS1.

LVR Paintball Marker


Lighter, rarer and more focused. The LV Platform now R rated!

CSR Paintball Marker


The pinnacle of performance and design. The CSR is the CS Refined.

Gtek 160R Paintball Marker

Gtek 160R

Mid-range all-metal muscle. It's game over for its competitors!

Gtek Paintball Marker


An incredible mid-range composite marker... game on!

CS1 Paintball Marker


The dawn of a new era for the Eclipse Geo line. The power of one!

LV1.1 Pro Paintball Marker

LV1.1 Pro

The first and only Lever Valve Marker is back and even better than before.

Etek 5 Paintball Marker

Etek 5

Advanced lightweight durable composite construction now OLED ready. Welcome to the 5th dimension.

Etha 2 Paintball Marker


Exceptionally tough. The aircraft-grade aluminium interior will take everything you can throw at it. The Etha has evolved!

Etha LT Paintball Marker

Etha LT

Combines the fundamental features every player should demand to raise their game!

GSL Paintball Marker


GSL. The first fully-fledged limited edition SL Geo.