Team Guns

The Planet Eclipse mantra of quality control and attention to detail is well documented and is implemented into every single stage of our production process. Occasionally a marker may not live up to our standards cosmetically – such markers are still processed and kept aside to be used for Team Sponsorships, testing, demo, etc. Mechanically the markers are 100% perfect the cosmetic imperfection could be a slight contrast in the colour of anodised parts or a mark on a part either pre or post anodising. If you are ever offered the opportunity to purchase a “Team” marker we want you to be aware of what you can expect to receive if you purchase one:

Adjacent is an example of a cosmetic imperfection (see FIG1)


Any marker that is deemed to be a “Team” marker is marked accordingly both with a tag/sticker on the marker itself (see FIG2)


They also have a designated ‘TEAM’ packaging sticker added to the box (see FIG3 please note that serial number data has been removed):


All “Team“ markers are recorded on our production Database and in our Warranty Centre; ensuring that we are fully aware of the condition in which the customer received it. “Team” markers come with the standard 12 months Eclipse Limited Warranty that will encompass everything apart from the reason that the marker was designated as a “Team” marker in the first place.