There is much more going on with your Eclipse Marker than you think, take at look at some of these awesome features that make your Eclipse marker one of the most advanced paintball markers on the planet!

  • Break Beam Sensor System (BBSS)

    Break Beam Sensor System (BBSS)

    The Eclipse Break Beam Sensor System uses Infrared sensors to detect if a paintball is ready to fire from the Marker drastically reducing the chance of ball breaks in the breech.

  • Cure Bolt

    Cure Bolt

    The Eclipse Cure Bolt (A) is specially designed to reduce the impact on the paint unlike a conventional bolt system (B) with its ramped design and soft bolt tip it will almost eliminate ball breaks and allow you to shoot the most fragile paint by preventing clipping of the second ball in the feed stack.
    (Design & features vary by version check your operators manual for more info)

  • Deftek Feed

    Deftek Feed

    The Eclipse Deftek Offset Feed (A) works with the Eclipse Cure Bolt to reduce ball clipping and ball breaks in the breech. By utilising a small step/offset it prevents paintballs bouncing back up into the stack like a standard feed (B) increasing speed and reducing ball breaks in the feed stack.

  • Dual Sensors

    Dual Sensors

    Dual sensors allows you to choose either micro-switch (A) or opto-electronic triggering (B)so you can get the feel you want! Choose Micro for a 'mouse click' feel or Opto for a silky smooth non-contact operation.

  • Zick Kit (Zero Kick)

    Zick Kit (Zero Kick)

    The Eclipse Zick technology (A) helps reduce kick and is more gentle on paint. Stage 1 air cushion damps rearward motion of bolt & rammer. Stage 2 - Initial acceleration reduces the amount of force at the start of the bolt cycle followed by swift acceleration to completion reducing the impact on paint at (X) when firing. (V) - Velocity (T) - Time

  • Push On Purge System (P.O.P.S)

    Push On Purge System (P.O.P.S)

    The Eclipse POPS is a completely new concept in rapid On/Off/Purging ASAs. The idea is simple, push back on the front Bonnet section of the POPS and this depresses the air system valve pin gassing up the marker. Once the pushbutton on the Bonnet is depressed the bonnet POPS forward and the marker purges itself of air.