Posted on: Jul 25th 2012, 09:59

1.0 Before You Purchase

  1. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, video files are big!
  2. Make sure your computer software can handle .H264 encoded .mov files see Technical Specifications.
  3. Only download to a desktop computer PC/MAC.
  4. All paid episodes in the ETV Digital Download Store will be released for FREE! no sooner than 2 Weeks from its initial release date. See our ETV Youtube Video Channel for the latest FREE paintball videos before making your purchase.

2.0 How it Works

To get your hands on the latest video content we recommend you use a Desktop Computer to download your video files. This will offer a more consistent approach to downloading and transferring your files. Content restrictions may stop you from downloading the video file directly on to your mobile/smartphone or tablet devices.

  1. Complete the Paypal checkout process.
  2. You will receive confirmation of your payment via email.
  3. You will then receive a second email with the download link to your video (click it once!)
  4. You can download the file a maximum of 3 times (for security reasons)

3.0 Technical Specifications

Files will be delivered in the following format/encoding.

  • .H264 encoded .m4v file
  • 1280 x 720p, square pixels resolution
  • ACC audio at 48 khz , 256 kps
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • iTunes compatible
  • 3rd Party Ad free!

4.0 FAQ

I Didn’t Receive My Download Email
Check your Junk Mail folder and be sure to whitelist

Can I Download to My iPhone/iPad?
No. Your iPhone/iPad will not let you download video content directly. User your MAC/PC to download the video file and then transfer it into your iTunes Library to sync it to your device.

Can I Get Technical Support?
No. Unfortunately we are unable to offer technical support as all computers, operating systems and browsers operate and can be configured differently.

I’m Still Having Problems?
We are happy to resend and reset your download limit once as a courtesy, after which if you still have problems you will need to seek a refund. Note: Download traffic is monitored.

Can I help improve the service?
Yes. We use a 3rd party service to distribute the files and we understand that some customers may experience internet connection problems and technical issues, to help best deliver these issues to our vendor we would welcome you to send them feedback directly, thankyou.

5.0 Refunds

If you are still experiencing issues we are happy to offer a refund. We would suggest that if you have technical difficulties to cease using the ETV Store (You can still get it for free in the future through our Youtube channel).

For refunds please send an email along with your order number to the following email (we aim to refund with 24-48 hours via Paypal):


Updated 14/05/13


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