Eclipse Teams

We pride ourselves on the levels of support we offer our paint ball teams from Pro tournament to College and University campuses all around the globe, and in return they do a damn fine job of promoting the sport of paintball. If you think your paintball team has got the goods and is looking for team sponsorship why not get in touch!

US Pro


Chicago Aftershock

Edmonton Impact

187 Crew


AC Dallas

European Pro

Carnage (France)

Icon (France)

Instinct (Germany)

Semi Pro

Ducks (Copenhagen)

Heat (Amsterdam)

Disruption (England)

Operation Sandbag (World)

South America

Legion Tactical (Colombia)

Monosalvaje (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Tsunami (Ecuador and Columbia)

Rex Bellator

Pinta a Pua


Army of Fools (UK)

Black Bandits (Netherlands)

Black Karma (USA)

Capital Offense (USA)

Desert Edge (USA)


Bad Moji (England)

Pub Crawling (USA)

South Beach P1mps (USA)

Wild Bunch


Liberty University (USA)