Paintball Tech Videos

The latest videos from our official Eclipse Learning Channel. Here you'll find tech videos and tutorials for your Ego, Geo, Etek and SL paintball markers and other Eclipse paint ball accessories. Stick around, you might just learn something!

  • Eclipse Muffler Kit
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    Eclipse Muffler Kit

    Introducing the Eclipse Muffler Barrel The Eclipse Muffler Barrel was developed to allow players and techs to dry fire their markers without causing unnecessary noise and excessive wear and tear. The Muffler significantly quietens the sound signature whilst dry firing, especially when doing so in an enclosed space or indoors. The Muffler also helps produce blowback on the face of the bolt that s...

  • LV1 Extension Rail Kit
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    LV1 Extension Rail Kit

    Jack Wood talks you through the Lv1 Extension Rail Kit....

  • LV1 TechKit
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    LV1 TechKit

    LV1 Tech Kit The Lv1 tech kit allows the LV1 to be gassed up with frame and components removed. Identify and diagnose internal issues quickly and easily....

  • Planet Eclipse Barrel Condom Stress Test
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    Planet Eclipse Barrel Condom Stress Test

    We take your safety seriously here at Planet Eclipse. Barrel socks are a vital piece of safety equipment. See how we test ours to keep you safe. Planet Eclipse insists that no one attempts to recreate or re-enact any of the footage in this video. For the sake of their own safety and the safety of others....

  • EMC Rail Kit Introduction
    play EMC Rail Kit Introduction

    EMC Rail Kit Introduction

    Jack Wood (lead engineer from Planet Eclipse) guides you through the new Etha EMC Rail Kit. The EMC Rail Kit is OUT NOW!!!!!!! Visit for more information....


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