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Planet Eclipse is a trusted leading manufacturer of professional paintball markers and equipment. We have offices in the USA, UK and Taiwan with a worldwide distribution network. In an effort to support our Dealers We have compiled this important information:


Our Dealer Dropbox has the latest Eclipse product specs and imagery you'll need.

Facebook – Dealer Hub

The secret Dealer Hub Group gives dealers an instant and open dialogue with our Eclipse Sales Reps to chat about anything from new releases, to new product ideas and everything in between. How do I get in? Add Joe Eclipse (internet sensation - but not a real person) as a friend and we will add you to the group.


Want to become an Eclipse Dealer? Get the documents you need for your Dealer Application.

EDO (Eclipse Direct Ordering)

Qualified dealer accounts can log-in to EDO and place orders online.

EDO Sign-In

Advice & Support

If you are looking for industry advice on paintball, paintball games and paintball equipment or need any assistance please feel free to Get in Touch.