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Tech Support

The Planet Eclipse Worldwide Tech Support Programme is a cornerstone service offering exclusive on-site repairs and maintenance for your Eclipse Paintball Marker at many major paintball events and tournament series all over the world.

Planet Eclipse design & build the most advanced Paintball Markers in the game. Whatever the scenario. Wherever in the world.

Eclipse Marker owners can benefit from exclusive global on-site tech support. #wegotyourback

Tech Dude

Expert Service Rapid Support

Eclipse Tech's are on hand to offer quick, expert assistance with any question or problem you may have with your Eclipse paintball marker which is what makes us one of the most trusted & respected manufacturers in the paintball industry. So be sure to look out for Eclipse Techs at your local paintball field, event or tournament.

Train To Become An Eclipse Tech

Learn more about our Tech Training programme.

Get Your Marker Serviced or Repaired

Get your Eclipse Paintball Marker serviced or repaired by one of our official certified Eclipse Tech Centres or learn more about Marker Servicing.

Get Tech Support

Chat with one of our Techs on our Tech Hub Facebook group or contact our Tech Support department.