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We Got Your Back!

When you buy from Eclipse you're not only purchasing the most advanced paintball technology on the market you're helping support our brand values, this means; access to technical support across the globe; comprehensive availability of spare parts; technical training and repair programmes. With Eclipse you Get More.

Warranty Support

Important! Please make sure you have proof of purchase and your paintball marker's serial number at hand before contacting support.

If you have any questions about warranty or wish to make a claim simply Contact Support and we will be happy to help. Alternatively each marker manual should have a warranty registration card that you can complete and return in the mail.


As an Eclipse customer you will have access to our worldwide technical support network that will help you with any technical problems from localised service centres to on-site tech support.


Our exceptional 12 month manufacturers warranty backed by our online warranty system offers peace of mind and ensures your claim will be repaired or replaced in a snap!


All Eclipse products undergo meticulous checks by experienced specialists, using precision materials and equipment, who care about the product that arrives at your door.


Your Eclipse marker is awesome and requires no after market parts. However, for genuine Eclipse accessories that suit your preferences consult your local Eclipse Dealer for upgrade options.