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Protoyz Speedster

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Supreme energy efficiency with 10bps+ feed rates

Protoyz Speedster Loader System

The battery-powered Speedster Loader by Protoyz is the perfect choice for budget-conscious paintballers and paintball park owners.

It is incredibly easy to use and maintain due to its toolless construction and illuminated push button on/off. On the field it performs brilliantly, with its tough GRN shells, great feed rate and low power consumption. And it's a wonderfully versatile loader thanks to its ability to feed both 68cal and 50cal paintballs using the 50cal adaptor (included).

Performance, value and high-quality construction

The ideal combination

Protoyz Speedster Back

The Speedster’s shells are made from tough Glass-Fibre-Reinforced Nylon (GRN) and can be assembled/disassembled without the need for tools. The secure spring-loaded lid is made of frosted polypropylene and can be comfortably opened and closed in all weather conditions.

Its internal features continue the tool-less construction ethos; the entire assembly can be removed easily and the four 1.5v AA batteries can be quickly inserted or replaced.

Protoyz Speedster Loader Batteries

Achieve and maintain continuous feed rates

With Light Barrier

Controlling the paint feed is the Speedster's encapsulated Light Barrier unit, which is protected from moisture and dirt. With the help of the Light Barrier the electronics know when the marker is fired, and only feeds paintballs when necessary. This operating principle is supremely energy efficient providing feed rates of over 10bps.

Converts from .68 Cal to .50 Cal

With ease

Protoyz Speedster Split Parts

The Speedster Loader can also be converted from .68 Cal to .50 Cal with ease. Simply plug the .50 Cal insert into the Light Barrier unit and you're ready to use .50 Cal paintballs.

Protoyz Speedster Split Parts

Speedster Is Tool-less

Made For Paintball Park Owners

The Speedster Loaders robust construction and tool-less design makes maintenance a breeze. Easy to strip down and clean the Speedster is the only powered paintball hopper you need.

Speedster Features

  • Convertible from .68 to .50 Cal
  • 50 Cal insert included
  • Tough GRN construction
  • Tool-less assembly
  • Light Barrier supported feeding technology
  • Very low power consumption
  • Easy to clean
  • Large agitator paddle system
  • 10bps+ feed rate
  • Anti-tamper on/off button for field use

Speedster Technical Data

Capacity210/500 68cal/50cal
Calibre50, 68cal Round Ball
Power Source4x AA 1.5v batteries
Length23.9cm / 9.41"
Width11.30cm / 4.45"
Height12.7cm / 5"
Weight559 grams / 19.71 oz (without batteries)

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