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How To Become A Tech

Not everyone is cut out to be an Official Planet Eclipse Tech. It's not something you can become purely by being self-taught (even though that's a great start!).

As well as learning about the Planet Eclipse range of markers, you need to understand how we work as a company; our values, our systems, how we deal with issues, how we treat the customers and so much more. Being a great Tech is important, but being a great person is equally as important. When you pull on the green Eclipse Tech shirt you're representing Planet Eclipse. It's a badge of honour and with it comes the responsibility to deliver the same levels of service, professionalism, and decency that Planet Eclipse was built on.


Your Path To Becoming A Planet Eclipse Tech

You must work for a Paintball Store where you frequently work on our Markers. This ensures that you have a great working knowledge of our range of Markers. You will then need to work a minimum of two large Events under the supervision of an Eclipse Master Tech.

If we are happy with your performance, knowledge, attitude, and professionalism, you will then become an Eclipse Certified Tech and your Store can request to become an Official Eclipse Service Centre.

You may then be asked to attend more Events, with a view to running them alone and/or representing your Store and Planet Eclipse.


The Three Levels Of Planet Eclipse Techs

  • Trainee (someone who is working with us but has not yet been approved)
  • Certified Tech (someone who meets the above criteria and standards)
  • Master Tech (The Best of the Best).

Note: Certified Techs need a refresher every 2-years.

For more details please Get In Touch using our contact form or email customerservice@planeteclipse.com.

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