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Wether you're new to paintball or a veteran there may be some paintball terminology you're not familiar with, so we compiled this handy reference to help.

Glossary Of Terms

ASAASA (Air System Adaptor)
BPSBPS (Balls Per Second) the number of Paintballs fired in 1 second
DwellThe amount of time the solenoid valve is energised, therefore how much gas is used per shot
FPSFPS (Feet Per Second) is the velocity of the Paintballs when fired
FSDOFSDO (First Shot Drop Off) is a reduction in velocity of the first shot when the marker has not been fired for some time
GRNGRN (Glass Re-Enforced Nylon) is a material that we use in some of the parts for our markers. It is a very strong plastic composite and is the same material that is used to make Glock firearms
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PoppetPoppet Valve markers generally have two tubes stacked on top of each other. The bolt in the upper tube and the valve mechanism in the lower tube. They generally work with the bolt connected with a pin to a rammer, which strike a poppet valve arrangement that releases the gas required to fire the paintball. The EGO and LV1 are Poppet Valves.
RampingRamping is a firing mode that is commonly used in Tournaments. Electronic markers work using a tiny computer inside the marker, which means there are many different firing modes that can be programmed. Ramping mode allows a player to easily reach and sustain a given Rate of Fire, such as 10 Balls Per Second. When in Ramp Mode the player will fire their marker a few times consistently to reach a set speed which then activates the designated Ramp Mode. Once that is achieved they will be able to sustain that Ramp Mode at the set ROF (e.g. 10 BPS).
ROFROF (Rate of Fire) is measured in BPS (Balls per second).
SFR'sSFR (Solenoid Flow Restrcitor) a feature of the Marker that enables the user to determine the level of air-flow through the solenoid assembly
SpoolSpool Valve markers are generally a single tube design; with the valve, bolt and barrel all in line with each other. The bolt is driven back and forth directly using gas and when the bolt moves to the forward position it opens a path that releases gas to fire the ball. The CS, GTEK and ETHA2 are Spool Valves

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