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Spares Advice

Planet Eclipse has produced a large back catalogue of spares, unfortunately they are not all available in one place. To assist you in finding the parts you need please consult the advice below.


Part Finder

You can explore your Planet Eclipse Paintball Marker using the Eclipse Parts Finder.

Useful Links

Spares Hub

The most comprehensive range of Eclipse paintball spares are distributed globally by Paintball.de forming our Spares Hub – and is your first stop for official Planet Eclipse high quality spare parts.

Paintball.de / Germany & AustriaPaintball.de
Paintball.de / USA & CanadaSpares.Paintball.de
Paintball.shop / Europe and Rest of The WorldPaintball.shop

Buy Direct

A limited range of spares can be found at our online Eclipse stores. For a more comprehensive range of spares check the Spares Hub.

Useful Links

Eclipse Service Centres

Find your local service centre using the Dealer & Service Locator and they will be happy to source the parts you need.

Useful Links

Facebook Tech Hub

You can also drop us a line on our Facebook Tech Hub group and we will assist in any way we can.

Useful Links

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