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FAQ. Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered.

  • Can I Be An Eclipse Tech?

    Find out how you can become a Certified Eclipse Tech by reading our → How To Become A Tech post.

  • Are there any How-To Videos?

    Yes. Check out our → Latest Tech Videos or see our dedicated → Tech Youtube Channel which has a wealth of marker specific tech videos. Subscribe to get notifications when new videos go live. Have a tech video suggestion? Get in touch and we'll look into it.

  • What Colour Barrel Back Do I Need To Match My Marker?

    If roses are red and violets are blue reading our → Barrel Matching Guide may help you.

  • Where can I get my marker serviced / repaired?

    Contact your local dealer or service centre using our → Dealer & Service Locator. Learn more about → Worldwide Tech Support Programme or contact → Customer Services and we will help you out.

  • Where is the best place to get tuning up tips and tricks.

    Check the → Knowledgebase for FAQ's, troubleshooting, advice & more. Our → Tech Hub Facebook Group is a great place to ask tech related questions. It's where all our amazing tech squad hang out. You need to be a member of the Facebook Group to post your questions but just ask to join. Once you're in simply follow the rules, behave yourself and ask whatever you need to know.

  • How can I get Tech Support for my marker?

    Check the → Knowledgebase for FAQ's, troubleshooting, advice & more. Visit the → Tech Support Page for further advice or contact our → Tech Support department. Let them know your issue, the model and serial number of your marker and where you live so the right tech can help you.

  • Can I report my marker as stolen?

    Yes. See our → Stolen Marker advice page for full terms & conditions on reporting your Eclipse Paintball Marker as stolen. Contact → Technical Support and ask to file a Stolen Marker Report.

  • Where are Planet Eclipse Markers made?

    We make several different models of Paintball marker and the parts for each one come from various parts of the World. We always aim to source the very best quality components possible, regardless of where they originate.
    Our high end markers are all built in the UK, and we still use Belsales to make our metalwork for the high end markers. Our mid-range markers are built either in our UK or Taiwan facilities and the vast majority of our field rental and entry-level markers are also built in our Taiwan facility. We have the same test procedures in place for markers in the UK, Taiwan and the USA and each marker – no matter which price-point they sit in – are tested to the same very high standards.

  • What Warranty Does My Eclipse Marker Have?

    If you discover any defects or damages with your new Eclipse Paintball Marker you can make a claim under our → Warranty Policy. For more information see our → Warranty Section.

  • How does my team get sponsored?

    Contact our → Sponsorship Department. We love that teams WANT to shoot our products, it makes us very proud. Planet Eclipse only deals directly with teams that are ranked Pro in the NXL series. If you are outside of the Pro bracket we will re-direct any inquiries through a store in your area. Sponsorship needs to be earned and the best way for this to happen is to create a relationship with your local store / Eclipse dealer. The level that your team competes at will affect the sponsorship options available to you. We have strict rules in place to support teams; this is not open to just any group of players.

  • How do I return a faulty item?

    Please see our → Returns Policy for guidance on returning goods.

  • How can I get stickers?

    We sell stickers on our → shop. Our techs and sales booths that are set up at events around the world may have stickers that you can get your hands on for free (if you're nice) or you can send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to either the UK or USA office with a nice note, we'll send you some in the post for FREE.

  • Why is the feed tube offset on my marker?

    The feedtube on all Eclipse markers is offset to the left by several millimetres. This is a feature called Deftek. Deftek is short for Deflection Technology and is how we stop paintballs bouncing in and out of the breech area. In a normal marker paintballs that tumble down from the loader can hit the bottom of the breech and then bounce back up the feedtube again. If you fire the marker while these paintballs are bouncing in or out of the breech the bolt can chop the paintball in half. The Eclipse Deftek System massively limits the chance of the ball bouncing out of the breech by guiding it into the breech and deflecting the ball so it hits the far side of the breech, not the bottom of the breech.

  • BPS, FPS, ROF, GRN what does it all mean?

    You have discovered the path to enlightenment, read the → Paintball Glossary.

  • How can I update the firmware on my marker?

    You will need → Eclipse E-Portal Software. For incompatible markers you will need to send your circuit board to Planet Eclipse for an update. There will be a small charge for this, plus shipping, OR you can have your firmware updated at the Eclipse Tech Booth at any NXL event. Learn more about our → Worldwide Tech Support Programme.

  • Why does my marker not have a Full Auto option?

    Full Auto is not legal in several countries as it is considered dangerous and therefore is not a feature of our Paintball Markers.

  • Do you have a store?

    Only in Dusseldorf - Germany visit → Paintball.De which stocks a wide variety of Eclipse products and other paintball brands. We support a global dealer network to help paintball thrive in countries you wouldn't even imagine. Find your local → Dealer or Service Centre.

  • What's the difference between a poppet and a spool?

    Learn more about this & more in the → Paintball Glossary.

  • Can I get my gun re-anodised?

    Yes. But we DO NOT recommend it, this will void your warranty! The process of stripping the anodising from metal can cause issues with tolerances. Do so at your own risk.

  • Why do some stores have special colours that you don't stock?

    Some stores either do a colour swap service - they take two markers and swap the parts around to make a new colour combination. Or, some stores strip and re-anodise markers. Buying colour swaps or re-anodised markers will void your Planet Eclipse warranty on the marker as we cannot guarantee the anodising or build quality of 3rd parties.
    We can however guarantee, with pride, that every marker leaving Planet Eclipse is in fully working order and some stores commission special colours directly from us which are anodised, built and tested here at Planet Eclipse so these are covered by our warranty.

  • Does it matter what brand of batteries I use in my marker?

    Yes. Learn more in the → Setup Guide.

  • Do you stock parts/spares for older markers?

    Yes. Follow our → Spares advice.

  • What is the ideal output pressure from my tank/air system for my marker?

    Find the answer to this and learn more about output pressures in our → Setup Guide.

  • What is Low Impact Paintball?

    Low Impact Paintball is a name given to one of the types of Paintball you can book into when you play at a rental Paintball park. Low Impact pretty much always uses 50cal Paintballs which are much smaller and hurt less when they hit; smaller paintballs have less energy.

  • What does 50cal and 68cal mean?

    50cal and 68cal refer to the approximate size of the Paintball .68" and .50" respectively. The vast majority of Paintballs are currently 68cal. 50cal is also used for low Impact play for kids and Paintball Parks using 50cal for rental customers see What is Low Impact Paintball? for further information.

  • How do I apply for a job?

    Planet Eclipse is in a very fortunate position where the staff turnover is very low and the staff we have are very good at what they do. Every now and again we might look for a new member of staff, but it's rare. It's best to keep an eye on our social media channels for any positions that may open in the future. If we are looking for any new staff this is where we will post the info. As for qualifications, it's what you can bring to the start gate and how you progress throughout the game that matters.

  • Can I come in to collect something I've ordered online?

    No. Sorry this isn't currently possible. We are here to help on the phone or via email but you can't visit us in the UK or USA. You can visit our store in Germany → Paintball.de for more information.

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