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Welcome to the Knowledgebase, your one stop resource to help you get the most from your Eclipse Paintball Markers and accessories.

Table of Contents

  • Barrel Matching Guide
    Need help matching colour anodising to your Eclipse Paintball Marker.
  • Size Guides
    Size charts – information and fitting guidelines.
  • FAQ
    Your frequently asked questions. Answered.
  • Paintball Glossary
    The paintball jargon buster. FPS, BPS what does it all mean?
  • Air Tank Output Pressures
    Quick reference table of recommended air tank output pressures for Eclipse paintball markers.
  • Marker Guides
    Useful guides for setting up and operating your Eclipse Paintball Marker.
  • Setup
    Using and setting up your Eclipse Paintball Marker.
  • Winter Setup
    A check-list of potential causes that can contribute to the deterioration of a markers performance in Winter.
  • Part Finder
    Find parts for your Eclipse Paintball Markers.
  • Electronic Paintball Markers
    Common troubleshooting for your Eclipse electronic Paintball Marker.
  • Marker Troubleshooting
    Common technical issues and fixes for your Eclipse paintball markers.
  • Mechanical Paintball Markers
    Common troubleshooting for your Eclipse mechanical Paintball Marker.

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