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Eclipse Marker Servicing

With regular maintenance from a qualified Eclipse Tech you can dramatically reduce the risk of breakdown or repair, keeping your Eclipse Paintball Marker running at optimal performance. Our fixed-rate service package is tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

What Does A Service Cover?

Your Eclipse Paintball marker will be fully inspected by a qualified Eclipse Tech for:

  • Wear & Tear
  • Damage
  • Replacement of consumable parts etc etc

How To Book A Service

If your Eclipse Paintball Marker is covered under warranty and you have not already done so please Register your Marker then follow these steps before sending it for an effective & timely service:

Step 1

Contact your local Eclipse Tech Centre to book an appointment and request your RMA Number.

Step 2

Complete a Marker Service Request for each product you wish to return.

Please ensure:

  • Your Name, Address and Contact Details are present and correct.
  • The Product Description is complete including the Model and Serial Number (if applicable).
  • The Summary of Issues details the problems you are experiencing with the product.
  • Tick the box if you have Registered your Marker for warranty.

Step 3

  • Print off and sign the completed document(s).
  • Ship the product(s) along with the completed document(s) to your designated Eclipse Tech Centre.

Having issues with your Marker?

Check out the Knowledgebase for troubleshooting, tips, advice & more.