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Your Eclipse Paintball Marker is awesome and demands that you treat it with the respect it deserves. It is essential you read this Set Up Guide to get the most from your new purchase. Check the end of this article for further reading. Topics covered in this article:


Buying a high performance marker is no good if you do not use a quality paintball. Paintball quality can vary hugely and can have a big influence on the operation of your Paintball Marker and ultimately your performance on the field. Important factors to consider are the paint bore size, quality of the shell and its fragility.

Shell Quality

Your paint should be free from imperfections as dents and bumps will undermine your Markers accuracy.

Fragile paint

Professional tournament players use the most fragile paint possible to guarantee a higher chance of eliminations. A more fragile paintball will break at the slightest hint of contact. However, fragile paint does not lend itself to the majority of paintball environments so should be used wisely. The incorrect use of fragile paint can cause loader breakages, barrel breakages, pod breakages and many other messy outcomes that can ruin a regular day of paintball.

Paint to Barrel Match

Should be considered, especially when attempting to shoot paintballs that are not of a specific formula to match the season. There are many barrel styles available in different bore sizes so if a paintball does not fit your particular barrel you may need to purchase a larger bore size. If in any doubt it is always better to use an over-sized barrel.


It is essential you use a quallity electronic loader or hopper with your Eclipse Paintball Marker to avoid chopping and/or jamming paint and to maximise your ROF (rate of fire). Make sure you install fresh high quality batteries before every event.


What batteries should I use? We recommend you use a high quality Alkaline Battery. We use _Energy Paintball_ brand Batteries. Duracell are also a good choice. Check the sell-by date on any batteries you buy, make sure they are in-date. Many issues players have usually boil down to poor battery charge.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Yes. But they run out much quicker so we don't recommend them. Again, make sure these are good quality items.

Air Tank Output Pressures

What's the ideal output pressure from my tank/air system for my marker? We have compiled a quick reference table as a guide:

Model Output Range
CS1 250 > 550psi
CS2 250 > 450psi
EMEK/EMF100 250 > 450psi
ETHA 1 450 > 800psi
ETHA 2 250 > 550psi
ETEK5 250 > 550psi
GEO 3.1/3.5/4 250 > 550psi
GTEK/GTEK160R/170R/M170R 250 > 800psi
LV1/1.5/1.6 250 > 550psi