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Holiday Delivery

Policies Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Although we will process all orders by the dates stated we cannot compensate for any delays by the postal services, especially at this time. Please keep this in mind when placing your Christmas order. And it's 2020 remember, so anything can happen.

Office Opening Times

Open Closed
UK (Manchester) Jan 4 Dec 23
USA (Rhode Island) Jan 4 Dec 25
Europe ( Jan 10 Dec 16
Europe ( Click & Collect) Mon-Fri 10am 4pm

Shipping Deadlines

Last Date
UK (Manchester) Dec 21
Europe ( Dec 22

USA Ground Services

Last Date
West Coast, Mountain & Southwest Dec 16 (Midday)
Western Central Dec 17 (Midday)
Central States Dec 18 (Midday)
Mid Atlantic Dec 21 (Midday)
North East Dec 22 (Midday)

USA Air Freight

Last Date
2nd Day Dec 22
Next Day Dec 23