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PAL Loader

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PAL. The Ultimate Battery-Free Loader


The Eclipse PAL Loader System has been designed to give entry-level, recreational and rental players the very best battery-free playing experience possible. By combining your PAL Compatible Paintball Marker with the revolutionary Eclipse PAL Loader, players can enjoy exceptional levels of performance without the need for batteries and expensive force-fed loader systems.

The PAL Loader System and PAL Enabled markers prove that a restrictive budget is not a barrier to fun. Nor does it prevent access to reliable, efficient and technologically advanced equipment.


Exceptional rates of fire

The PAL Advantage

Eclipse PAL Feed Rates

How It Works

Eclipse PAL Loader Animation

The system utilises the breech pressure from the PAL Enabled marker to provide direct agitation of the paintballs within the loader. With no external or exposed moving parts, hoses or components, the PAL System provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of paintballs into the marker in an ergonomic, streamlined and lightweight package.

Eclipse PAL Breakdown

The PAL System is 100% pneumatically actuated, requiring no batteries, yet it does not waste any air in its operation, meaning efficiency of the marker is unaffected. Constructed with high-end Glass Reinforced Nylon, the PAL Loader is also lightweight, robust and extremely durable.


100% Pneumatic

Made for PAL enabled markers

The PAL Enabled Eclipse EMEK 100

Features & Specifications

  • No Batteries Required!
  • Tough GRN Shell
  • Hi-Cap and Lo-Cap Sizes Available
  • Both Sizes Feed 50cal and 68cal Paintballs
  • Flexible Locking Lid
  • Increased Fire and Feed Rates (with PAL Enabled Markers)
  • Reduces Ball Jams
  • Available in Black, Red and Blue


  • GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) shell
  • PP (Polypropylene) Agitator Plate
  • PP (Polypropylene) Ball Shelf
  • PE (Polyethylene) Locking Lid

High & Low Capacities

The PAL Loader is available in high & low capacity models to suit your individual loadout preferences and playing style. Both loader capacities are suitable for 50cal or 68cal paintballs.

PAL Caps

Specifications Comparison

High CapacityLow Capacity
68 Cal Capacity220*100*
50 Cal Capacity590*230*
Feed Rate10+ Bps10+ Bps

*Ball capacities are approximate.

PAL Compatible Markers

Emek EMF100/EMG100/MG100
Emek 100*
Etha 2 PAL
Etha 2X

*Upgrade required on original model.

The PAL System is equally at home running within a Rental Fleet, as it is battling it out in a Big Game or Recreational scenario and offers excellent performance and feed rates for those on even the smallest budget, meaning more cash left in the player’s pocket to get out and play the game we all love.

PAL. The ultimate battery-free loader.

Look For The PAL Sticker

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